This years camp will be held at UMAC BRIARCLIFF




Hello, Exceptional Taekwondo center families and students.


I have been the proud owner and operator of Exceptional Tae Kwon Do in White Plains for the last 18 years. In this home, I have had the honor of mentoring so many impressive young people and adults, watching them grow into dedicated, strong martial artists. Today I am announcing that at the end of the school year, on June 26, 2015, ETC will be closing its doors, and I will be leaving White Plains to pursue new opportunities. I invite you to join me in my next great adventure.

Beginning in June 29, 2015 I will be taking the position of Program Director of After School and Summer Martial Arts Adventure Camp for United Martial Arts Center (UMAC) of Briarcliff, as well as teaching adult classes and taking over as head coach of the Olympic sparring team. At UMAC Briarcliff, I will also be continuing to teach my special brand of kickboxing class.

There are many things that came into play in making this decision. After much deliberation, I have decided that this is the right choice for me and my family, and I believe that my new role at UMAC will allow me to pursue my dream to affect and influence my community through my love of martial arts.

I encourage and welcome you to follow me on my new journey in working with UMAC Briarcliff. This in reality is a true homecoming for me. The founders of this organization — Master Paul Melella(Carmel and Fishskill) and Master Chris Berlow(Briarcliff and Ardsley) — are not only my original New York Masters and Coaches since 1994 but for more than 20 years have been my best friends and brothers.

I hope that your years at ETC will be just one stop in your lifetime pursuit of martial arts. In case you are not able to come with me up to UMAC in Briarcliff, I strongly urge you to consider enrolling at UMAC Ardsley, operated by Master Bellontoni. This accomplished teacher and friend is a young man I have worked with since he was a child. He is one of Master Berlow’s most accompished martial arts students. Between these two incredible options, I hope we can find a home for you to continue on your martial arts journey.

When you choose to enroll at UMAC, either in Briarcliff or Ardsley, if your current ETC tuition [rates?] is less than UMAC rates it will be honored for the first 6 months. All belts will be honored and arrangements will be made to keep you on course for your next graduation.

Thank you for all of the many great years in White Plains. It has truly been my honor and pleasure to have been able to share the martial arts with so many great families here in the White Plains area since 1997. No matter how you proceed in your Taekwondo journey, I urge you to please stay in touch. The best way to reach me is:

kiknmann@hotmail.com or on facebook at Master Edwards



Blessings And In Martial Arts Spirit

Master P.L. Edwards


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